Visit England Releases New Promotional Video

Visit England Releases New Promotional Video

Visit England Releases New Promotional Video 1280 720 admin

England has recently launched a £5 million worth campaign to drive travellers from all corners of the UK on a journey of discovery within the countries’ borders.

VisitEngland has partnered with Tourism Northern Ireland, VisitScotland, VisitWales and London & Partners to boost internal visitor spending in local economies. The campaign with the hashtag #EscapeTheEveryday calls attention to tourism attractions, destinations and activities in all kinds of UK regions: Coasts, mountains, countrysides, cities and towns. With this marketing campaign, the Destination Management Organisations (DMO) hope that winter break might not look as bleak for tourism businesses and destinations abandoned by visitors due to COVID-19.

The video campaign can be viewed through this link:

This years summer season was disastrous for the tourism industry, and besides the obvious forfeiture of international visitors, the English DMO has estimated a 49% loss in annual British domestic spending, around a £44.9 billion drop in the economy. To add salt to the wound, the new viral wave has prompted Prime Minister Boris Johnson to tighten restrictions all around the country: At the moment, more than half of England is under strict lockdown measures (circa 28 million people).

Due to a rise in infections, Lancashire and the Region of Liverpool City have entered the danger zone: level 3, meaning that pubs, bars and restaurants are forbidden to open, and mixing households in indoor and outdoor settings are also banned. At Level 2, whereby pubs and restaurants may remain open, but mingling indoors is still discouraged, are destinations such as London, York, Essex, Chesterfield, Elmbridge, Barrow-in-Furness, North East Derbyshire and Erewash. Regions at Level 1 are free to travel and keep businesses running, although the hospitality sector is to close at 22:00, and group sizes must be reduced to 6 people.

Vexing as it may be to invest in a campaign that encourages domestic travel precisely when Coronavirus cases are increasing, and lockdown measures are tightening, it is important to keep in mind that national health & safety supersedes the will to travel and #EscapeTheEveryday.

In truth, the hospitality and tourism sectors have been suffocating since March this year. If infection cases keep rising until next year’s touristic seasons, it will be a catastrophe for the economy, the industry itself,  and more importantly, the very people who depend on it. Therefore, this is the time to be conscientious about wearing masks and not indulging in reckless behaviours that endanger the prospect of a re-flourished future in Travel & Tourism.