UNWTO Global Tourism Plastics Initiative to be joined by Six Senses Hotels & Resorts

UNWTO Global Tourism Plastics Initiative to be joined by Six Senses Hotels & Resorts

UNWTO Global Tourism Plastics Initiative to be joined by Six Senses Hotels & Resorts 510 287 admin

The UN (UNWTO & UN Environment Programme) led Global Tourism Plastics Initiative has welcomed one of its first signatories: Six Senses Hotels Resorts & Spas.

At the very nucleus of this initiative is the worldwide practice of environment and social responsibility. Considering climate change and society’s dependency on plastic products, this strategy advocates for a circular economy that recycles, re-uses, and places minimal strain on the worlds’ fragile ecosystems. The chain of Hotels & Resorts has taken the leap to abide by environmental standards and completely reduce, eradicate, re-direct, and circulate its plastic usage by 2025. Their pledge involves several calculated steps to be achieved by 2022:

  1. To completely discard any unnecessary plastic packaging from every room, bathroom, and service area.
  2. To establish reusable eco-friendly products in the kitchen, replacing unnecessary single-use plastic packaging.
  3. To work with other leaders in the hospitality industry, sharing suggestions on best practices and stimulating a competitive market in environmentally friendly and renewable sources.
  4.  To communicate and work with suppliers in order to mutually forsake plastic packaging, and instead, giving priority to sourcing alternative (compostable and reusable) products and materials.
  5. To Upcycle/compost whenever and wherever possible.

All of these initiatives and imposed duties are done with a calculated aim in mind: To place a reduced strain on the environment, while at the same time provide a satisfactory service to both guests and staff. The Chief executive at Six Senses Hotels, Neil Jacobs, explains their eagerness to transition as a plastic-free chain: “The travel industry is growing at a rapid rate on a planet that has limited natural resources. That means all hospitality leaders have a responsibility to stand up and be accountable for making a sustainable difference. Our health and wellness ethos is around making our guests feel better inside and out, so it makes sense for our social and environmental policies to make them feel good about their choice of vacation and their impact on the ecosystems around them too,” 

As the tidal wave of global warming and ocean pollution threatens our natural environment, and the COVID-19 outbreak complicates economic matters for the entire tourism sector, it is important to be on the active side of economic growth and pair it with sustainable development. An equitable and harmonious outcome will eventually be reached if the industry ditches single-use plastics.