Best Adventure Travel Tour Companies of 2020 Have Been Unveiled

Best Adventure Travel Tour Companies of 2020 Have Been Unveiled

Best Adventure Travel Tour Companies of 2020 Have Been Unveiled 1280 720 admin

This year’s Best Adventure Travel Tour Companies have been carefully selected in a Top 10 List! The choice of nominees was hand-picked by editors and a panel of travel experts working with the journalist newspaper, USA Today. By reaching consensus through popular vote, the following list portrays the 10 winners of the award:

  1. MT Sobek
  2. Wild Women Expeditions
  3. Austin Adventures
  4. G Adventures
  5. Urban Events Global
  6. Bindlestiff Tours
  7. Geographic Expeditions
  8. REI Adventures
  9. Dipaways
  10. Wilderness Travel

MT Sobek, the 50-year-old worldwide adventure travel company specializing in tailor-made hiking and trekking tours, was awarded First Prize. As a runner up, Wild Women Expeditions took the lead. In fact, the silver medallist has become the first-ever women-only tour leading company to be placed in this award category for having run more than 30 years with the promise to connect women of all ages, sexual orientations, and backgrounds in nature getaways. Their values are clear and highlight adventure, curiosity, environmental stewardship, animal welfare, gender equality, safety, and social responsibility.

Jennifer Haddow, the CEO, and director of the woman-centred tour company pronounced her joy in receiving the distinguished award: “We are overwhelmed and humbled by this show of support from both the expert panel and our incredible community of women adventurers. After three decades of working to create inclusive, inspiring trips for all women, being recognized in this way exemplifies an important truth that my team has known all along: Women-only trips are so much more than a marketing trend. They’re part of a bigger movement toward intersectional equity and empowerment.”