A New 100% Sustainable Energy Eco-Hotel Opens in Amsterdam

A New 100% Sustainable Energy Eco-Hotel Opens in Amsterdam

A New 100% Sustainable Energy Eco-Hotel Opens in Amsterdam 773 434 admin

A brand-new 195 room Four Elements Hotel has recently opened its doors Amsterdam. Located in the modern neighbourhood of IJburg, which is comprised of several floating homes on a man-made island, the hotel stays true to the surrounding greenery. It also backs up its’ own namesake of Four Elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water), as they are integrated into their sustainability plans and initiatives.

The Hotel design is inspired by nature, and fully integrates technology and engineering principles to be 100% zero-waste & carbon-neutral with the use of renewable energies and clever innovations. Among these, are solar panels installed on the roof, and gym equipment that generates electricity to be used within the Hotel! Four Elements Hotel Amsterdam is the first of its kind to use wind, sunlight and gravity to control a climate system inspired by the natural ventilation of the desert termite hills, keeping a constant airflow that is both fresh, and clean.

Furthermore, the Hotel’s restaurant, the Herbs Garden restaurant, is furnished with an in-house greenhouse, providing fresh local and seasonal organic produce to appease the finest palate, while at the same time, abiding by environmental standards of zero waste and eco-friendly plant growth. Within the drinks menu, many biodynamic wines are highlighted as a must-try, and right at the top of the building on the 10th floor, rests the Wind Sky Bar, one of the highest rooftop chill-spots in the city.

From bed-linens to shower-heads, from recycled city bikes to re-processed staff uniforms, Four Elements Hotel Amsterdam is an exemplary model of sustainable design envisioned as the future of green/ecological hospitality.