7 ways how the responsible travel movement will reshape the 2020s

7 ways how the responsible travel movement will reshape the 2020s

7 ways how the responsible travel movement will reshape the 2020s 2560 1440 admin

To our luck, responsible tourism isn’t just a buzz word anymore. It is now a worldwide state of mind. However, the tourism sector is yet to face its negative impacts and make a greater contribution to resolving environmental & social issues. So, what are the things we can expect in the 2020s that will serve as a wind of change?

Hotel chains will double down its carbon reduction

The demand for eco-friendly accommodation saw the rise during the last decade while the hotel sector started making noticeable contributions to carbon reduction, primarily by minimising waste and maximizing renewables. This trend is expected to boom in 2020 as a growing number of tourists is ready to pay more for a service that is in accordance with their eco & social values.

We’ll embrace tourism tax

At this moment, 41 countries around the world charge a tourist tax. Seen as a valuable tool for fighting overtourism, the money from it goes to protecting natural resources and maintaining tourism facilities. This trend is likely to grow in the 2020s as many tourism destinations will introduce go down the same path.

Travelling by railway will become a standard

As the “flight-shaming” movement became a thing over the last year, the consumer demand for flight-free breaks boomed. Being more eco-friendly on one side, and undeniably romantic & picturesque on the other, rail breaks might just become “the thing” in the 2020s.

We’ll go back to nature

The trend of returning to nature continues to grow.  Tourism can, therefore, play a crucial role in nature conservation. Rewilding and bio-positive tourism are expected to expand as all of us – both tourists and tourism professionals will become savvier in utilizing tourism as a force of good.

Our appetite for ethical cuisine will grow

Locally-sourced fine dining and cooking holidays will reign. Therefore, restaurants will have to meet the growing demand for low-mile and low-waste food experiences.

Seeking deeper connections from travel will be increasingly important

In the 2020s, we’ll see even more people seeking authentic connections from their travel which is exactly what small group and local run escapes might provide.

Slowing everything down will be our modus operandi

As people will strive to take fewer flights, we can expect a return of one long annual holiday, punctuated by shorter trips closer to home – or breaks reached by lower carbon transport options.