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Check out our latest service for accommodation providers and upgrade your business with TrendFlow!


Timely, relevant and comprehensive information are essential for the continuous growth of your business. TrendFlow offers the best solutions to help accommodation providers increase guest experiences, hotel bookings and revenues. 

What It Does

TrendFlow gathers, systematizes and interprets relevant industry data in a way that’s practical and user-friendly. It introduces you to the latest industry achievements and helps you decide if their implementation is right for your business. 











How It Works

Subscribing to TrendFlow gives you access to a monthly PDF of relevant data tailored to your needs. Depending on your subscription plan, your monthly report will cover at least two of the four TrendFlow topics:

  • Innovation Guide
  • Market Insights
  • Business Intelligence
  • Sustainability Guru

Step it up with the Innovation Guide

The Innovation Guide is designed to help you improve your business process and guest experience. Learn about technology and other service innovations, how they can be useful for your establishment and how to implement them efficiently.

Exemplary topics
  • Smart room tablets
  • Hotel mobile applications
  • Chatbot messengers
  • AI hotel operation optimizers
  • Hotel CRM system trends

Request a sample of the Innovation Guide here.

Customize your services with Market Insights

Our Market Insights allow you to see your guests’ changing preferences so that you can adjust your services accordingly, which will lead to increased bookings and revenue.

Exemplary topics
  • Online review monitoring
  • Online reputation management
  • Intelligent social media monitoring
  • Culinary trend opportunities
  • Tips for providing a memorable guest experience

Request a sample of Market Insights here.

Grow your visibility with Business Intelligence

Stay up to date with the latest progress in social media marketing, web analytics, virtual reality promotion, booking apps and other tools that will help you gain or maintain visibility on the global tourism market.

Exemplary topics
  • Price optimization techniques
  • Finding marketing and sales leads
  • Hotel revenue management
  • Hotel web design
  • Creative hotel marketing campaigns

Request a sample of Business Intelligence here.

Make it greener with Sustainability Guru

Sustainability is increasingly important for the success of any tourism business. A growing number of travellers prefer service providers that are actively involved in supporting a cause, be it an environmental or a social one. Go green with our Sustainability Guru and implement (more) sustainable practices.

Exemplary topics
  • Green branding
  • Reducing operational costs with green technology
  • Green innovations in the hotel industry
  • Advanced energy management
  • Story of success: The sustainability movement in the hotel industry

Request a sample of the Sustainability Guru here.

Choosing the Right Plan

TrendFlow offers the flexibility of choosing the report topics you consider most relevant to your business. Choose one of the three subscription plans and start a simple, but significant, change in your business practice.

Monthly prices
Yearly prices

Since the company is registered in the Republic of Croatia, all payments will be effected in Croatian currency. Visit Terms of Service to find out more.

* thinktourism strives to be a responsible business. In order to make our own contribution to a brighter and greener future of the hospitality sector, we decided to provide you with a free Sustainability Guru guide, regardless of the package you choose. Join us in creating a better tomorrow!